Marketing Services

  • Marketing project management
  • Development and implementation of marketing plans
  • Logo development
  • Development and printing of technical and sales documentation
  • Develop single advertisements and multi-ad campaigns
  • Brand management
  • Creation and management of trade show exhibits

Polar Star Oilfield Consultants is well positioned to guide your executive management through marketing and sales challenges including marketing plans, trade show exhibit development and implementation, sales collateral creation and distribution and advertising campaigns.

Our objective is to make the most of your consultant dollar by best positioning your company through industry media sources with both paid and no-cost promotional opportunities. We have over 20 years experience with industry trade journals and will serve as your agent to obtain the best ad positions available. In addition, based on our industry and trade journal contacts we will negotiate for the best rates possible based on frequency, positioning and ad size. By leveraging relationships with trade journal publishers and editors, we will also help you develop articles featuring your technology.

Polar Star has the experience to help you take advantage of “no cost” promotional opportunities by planning, writing and positioning press releases to promote your company in traditional industry publications and local media.